School pt. 2 / paper photo shoot

Hi there.
So... some more about my school. The special thing about it is that we don't really have tests or exams very much. We only have some, like the final exam, and some small tests here and there.

   In stead of tests we have photo shoots. We either do that in groups and meet up at school (we have a tiny studio there) or somewhere else. Hire a photographer and models, do their make-up, dress them up and so on... Or we have to do it all on our own and just bring the ready pictures to our teacher to see them. This tuesday we're going to a casino in Wrocław and we'll be taking pictures there. I also have an assignment for my styling class (the fashion part) to do a photo shoot of my own. And honestly I've been having a pretty hard time getting arround that one... kinda hard subject, provocation. Besides I haven't been home very much lately. 

   Our first photo shoot was in january. The task was to create an outfit (preferably) made of paper or other material that's not typical for making clothes of. We were supposed to copy a designer piece, or just take an inspiration from one.
As i was looking for an inspiration i bumped into this beautiful Bottega Veneta coat from fall/winter 2008 and decided to make a copy out of paper.
We were working in groups of 2. So that one of us could later be a model and the other one could do her make-up. In my group I was the model.
And here are some pictures of me wearing the paper coat...
(please consider the fact that i'm not really a model... it was just for the school project, i don't have any experience in modelling;))


My school

Hi again. It has been a long time since my last post. I didn't have time to write anything, because I spent the last 2 weeks in Germany. Ulm, to be exact. A great place, by the way... would truely recommend it :)
  But anyway... back to the subject.  As you can see in the title, in this post i'd like to write something about the school i go to.
Well... i study make-up and styling in Poland, in a city called Wrocław. It is a private school, as there are no public schools where i could learn make-up, at least in Poland.
  My main subjects at school are (of course) make-up and styling, we also have painting and drawing lessons, cosmetology basics, some photography, a bit of hair dressing, fashion history and some psychology basics.
  At the make-up classes we learn all the basic techniques, that every make-up artist needs in order to create various looks. We usually practice on each other, but it is possible to bring a model to do make-up on her/him during the class. (In the picture you can see my friend doing my make-up at the class, not a great picture though)
  The styling lessons are divided into more fashion-like stuff, where we do fashion photoshoots etc.... the other part is dressing up people according to their beauty type, body type, lifestyle etc.

Let me know if you have any questions/ suggestions... i will be pleased to answer:)

Jeśli macie jakieś pytania/ sugestie to dajcie mi znać z przyjemnością na nie odpowiem:)

Hvis du har noen spørsmål/ forslag, så er det bare å si ifra. Jeg vil gjerne svare:)




   I'm new to the blog community so I'm not quite sure what should I start with...
Maybe a few words about myself and what I'd like this blog to be...??
Well... I'm Kasia (or Katarzyna). I'm 22 and i'm polish. I've always been interested in different forms of art, handicrafts etc. Painting, drawing (im not that good at it though), knitting, decoupage, all kinds of stuff.... I always loved make-up, even though I did not realize that this is what I want to do until about 2 years ago. Right now I study make-up and styling, here in Poland. I used to live in Norway for a couple of years. I recently moved back to Poland and decided to do something about my passion for make-up.
   As you can see I speak english... i also speak norwegian, and of course polish. I would like to write posts in all of these languages depending on what my future readers will expect.
I would like to write about my school. Working as a make-up artist. I can do reviews on beauty products... Maybe some stuff about fashion from time to time... as I also study to become a stylist. We'll see how it goes...

I'm open to suggestions.... so if you have any, please share:)

Here's a few pictures of me and some of the make-up looks I've done...